There are a number of disadvantages to corporate funding:

  • biased research
  • innovation instead of research
  • lack of coincident results
  • lack of guaranteed results
  • lack of freedom
  • decreasing quantity of research

There is only one advantage, which is money. This single advantage may be a greater motivation that all the above limiting factors together.

If there is really a shortage on money, a university could go to a company for funding. They should be very careful about this, for there may not be a chance for them to change there minds. It would be ideal if this money comes on top of other sources of income, but I find this highly unlikely.

In the words of Canada's Nobel prize winner, Dr. John Polanyi, ``The purpose of research to uncover the truth. If this is to stand a chance of succeeding, it must be pursued openly ...and be seen to be free from commercial and political influence.''